Vestibule Entry and Spiral Staircase in a Luxury Home

For many people their first impression will ultimately decide their opinion on something, no matter how good it may actually be. So it is exceedingly important that a first impression is as good, and as striking as can possibly be achieved. This is why the entrance to our custom, luxury designed homes give of an ambient quality, which simultaneously radiates with a real sense of grandeur. This creates a space that invites people in, while clearly displaying the grace and elegance held within.

The entrance to your home should be thought of as a focal point; a culmination and symbol of each room within one space. When considering a new Luxury Designer Home, the entrance hall is the starting point and key aspect linking each portion of your home together. The expectations created within the entrance are then either reinforced, or challenged throughout your home, depending on clients’ wishes. Mirage Designer Homes regards entry design as a priority when planning a Luxury Home for clients.